The best Pizza ever.

updated sauce.
16.06.20 updated CHEESE-game
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Ingredients for the dough:

660g Flour: high gluten content, preferred Tipo 00 or in germany Typ 550
425mL water, temperature doesnt matter
Active Dry Yeast or „alive“ yeast, one package or half a cube
2 Tablespoons of Salt

Alternatively El Calculatör

You need :

•   g   Flour
•    g (or ml)  Water
•   g  Salt
•   g   Fresh Yeast, just a rough idea

Ingredients for the sauce:

whole canned tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
a few leaves of basil
some oregano
some thyme
a small yeet of salt/pepper/sugar
optional half onion

Take out the tomatoes from the can, yeet away the tomatojuice and just crush the tomatoes with a clove of garlic, pinch of salt.

Ingredients for the toping:

Whatever the fuck you want. I prefer just mozzarella. Try to get low moisture whole milk. This is not so easy obtainable but sometimes you can find (white) Scamorza, which works great. I prefet the unsmoked scamorza. Sprinkle some oregano if you want

Making the dough:

Yeet all the ingredients together and knead them until the dough is smooth. it will be slightly sticky. 10 minutes is roughly a good time. Your arms may hurt, viewer discretion is advised.
Then you can either let it rise until doubled in size and make your pizza however the fuck you want OR, which is what i do, just yeet the dough into the fridge and enjoy pizza whenever you want. If you want pizza, take the dough out of the fridge, let it get up to room temperature for easier shaping and enjoy.
I ate dough that was up to 7 days in the fridge, the texture and taste changes, this is the part where you can find your sweet spot if you are aiming for a 100% perfect pizza. Otherwise its juts a 99% good pizza. Its diminishing returns.

Making the sauce:

Yeet everything together and make a sauce out of it. You can use a blender, a mixer, whatever the fuck you want in the end you just want to have a sauce.

Assembly instructions

I prefer my dough on the bottom, stretched by hand with some additional flour to avoid stickage. Using a rolling pin is totaly fine. But by hand you can get more of those awesome bubbles, by only pushing the dough outside and not squishing it.
Ontop of my dough i prefer sauce, not to much.
And to top it all of (pun intended) i sprinkle some pre grated mozzarella, less is more in this case for me.



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